MalpracticeMalpractice hail from the Harecastle Delta in Kidsgroovia, hard edged , cheeky, uncompromising they play it like they mean it. Inspiration comes from the pre punk London pub rock scene of the mid-seventies. British R&B, Blues and 50’s RnR.

Feelgood, Wilko, Muddy, Bo and Howlin. Rory, Eric, and Them all get a look in plus a slice of Chuck, Eddie and Elvis. 90 minutes, 30 songs, there’s no room for slow.

Mick Nixon – Six and Slide, Doog – Tubs, Rich Mason – Gob and Gob iron, Mark – Four……

A little Malpractice never hurt anyone…

Band Profile - Malpractice

Dirk Digglers Blues Revue

Photo by Phil Benbow Photography

Dirk Digglers Blues Revue describe themselves as “High Octane Boogie Woogie”, which sums them up pretty well. They’re an electric blues/rock ensemble of over a decade’s touring experience, who recently released their first studio album Cuba Neils and are currently working on their second. If you like your rock with a twist of blues, Dirk Diggler’s Blues Revue are a band not to be missed.

Band Profile - MalpracticeDirk Digglers Blues Revue


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